About Us


Transplant Cafe is an online community and social network that facilitates support, connections, and a virtual global social resource to all members of the organ, tissue, cellular and limb transplant community.

If you're a recipient or waiting for a transplant, work in the field of transplantation (medical, business, or non-profit), are a caretaker, or donor and donor family, The Cafe is for you!


Once you've created your free account, get ready to make new transplant friends and connections that will last for years to come. You'll discover great new features and tools, all designed to make your transplant journey much more special and rewarding, while in a safe and private environment.


Our Story


When I started Transplant Cafe in late 2007, the vision was simple; to give the transplant community a resource that highlights the lighter side of transplantation. A place to connect and engage with the endless stories of triumph, perseverance, joy and happiness that are always present in the transplant community, but not always emphasized.


TC soon experienced fast growth and high engagement that was not predicted. The members soon reshaped the original vision and gave a new form to TC that added the deeper personal connections and mutual support the transplant community really needed.


This growth period, even with a relatively low, but growing, memberbase quickly attracted tons of interest from advertisers and world leading health media companies. One even bringing me to their headquarters on the east coast, where they presented me with their own amazing vision for what TC could be, as part of a marketing and branding package for a $15B pharmaceutical company.


Although that pharmaceutical company went a different route, my own mind never regained its original dimensions for the vision of what TC could become. It was at that time that I became obsessed with this grander vision of TC and was determined that, if not through this particular partnership, someone was going to help me create it. There surely would be a large media company somewhere that was a big thinker and would want to help create the true world-class social network that the transplant community deserves.


Knocking on Doors: Welcome to proposal land! From a ‘welcome to the transplant community kit’ sent to new liver transplant recipient Steve Jobs, to over 50 proposals sent to leading entrepreneurs like Richard Branson to large content media and health media companies -- they all heard from me!


Looking back on this period that lasted a few years, it’s clear that energy would have been better spent growing TC from the inside out as I did in the beginning.


But I’m stubborn! Surely some ‘No’s’ and no responses weren’t going to deter me. No way. I had seen too much and I was changed. It would be the new shiny and awesome TC I had in mind, or nothing! So I took a risk and started the migration of TC from the old limiting platform to a high end new platform and new host, where there is more control over community features. This made it possible to shape the site any way desired and faster, rather than wait for the old platform to release updates 2-3 times per year.


The reason that was a very risky thing to do is that the new platform, features, hosting company, etc. were going to cost much more than was in hand. My philosophy was to act and start and the rest would take care of itself. Start and they will show up. And they kind of did. Upon moving to Denver new partner joined. An old business contact I had met at a media show 10 years prior now had a growing media company in Denver and we quickly signed the dotted line and the new TC was ready to be built and launched.
Not so fast! TC wasn’t the only partnership we entered into. The other partnership was for an online marketplace for a different industry. I’ll spare the details there, but when that effort did not yield the quick results we expected, that partnership had to go away, and TC right along with it.


That was both a bummer and a blessing. Soon after creating contracts it was clear that their vision for TC was not in line with mine. These were seemingly minor differences that could not have been revealed before entering into partnership, but were telling of a bigger difference of vision for both parties. So they were gone, but so was their upcoming investment. Back to square one.


Enter a few months of the most uncertain time for TC. All signs showed the fate of TC was sealed. We were cornered by circumstances with no possible way out in sight. It started to become clear that it was the end for TC and time to move on to other projects and hopefully learn from this lesson for life and business.


Welcome to Miami! Fast forward some months and a long overdue visit with family in post Maria hurricane Puerto Rico, where the original TC was launched, and back to the states to visit my mother in Orlando where a quick weekend trip to Miami with a friend came about. Even in the middle of an awesome South Beach vacation TC was on my mind. Do I turn the page and delete TC and move on, or do I go down swinging?


I looked within, spoke to my higher power and said “look, this is it my friend, my last swing.. you decide!” While on vacation in Miami, I took to Google and Facebook and soon found a transplant related blog. It didn’t have much recent content so I was not so optimistic, but the owner’s number was posted on the Facebook page, so I called. We spoke for a few short minutes and that was it. I wasn’t very hopeful anything would come of this conversation because, like any good business person, Pierre mostly listened and then said, “let me talk to my wife and we’ll be in touch.”


Enter Pierre and Julie. This awesome couple from Canada and now living in Houston immediately loved the idea. They quickly became real investor partners in the TC vision and here we are, effectively rolling out Transplant Cafe 3.0, next gen!


This amazing power couple are almost too good to be true. Pierre is a dedicated transplant coordinator in Houston, and Julie is a seasoned internet marketer with many internet business successes under her belt. A winning combination of experience in transplantation and business if I’ve ever seen one!


With their passion for transplantation, online business and financial commitment and vision, I’m proud to introduce them as my new partners for Transplant Cafe and our new resource for the transplant community, TransplantNEWS.com! Both entities operating under the umbrella of Transplant Media CORP., a Houston, Texas company.


Julie and Pierre have injected new life into this project and our visions could not be more aligned. So welcome to the NEW Transplant Cafe .. and Transplant News! Here’s to a new paradigm in transplantation and to giving the transplant community the world-class social network and news source it deserves.


See you at the Cafe!


Sincerely your TC / TN team.



Julie, Pierre & Nelson