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  • Posted By : Pierre Charland
  • Posted On : Dec 14, 2018
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  • Category : Kidney Transplant
  • Description : Could kidneys for transplant be transported by drones??


  • Currently most kidneys are flown on commercial flights, well packaged while being pumped.  The deadline is 48 hours for the kidney to be transplanted.  The quality of the organ is not monitored during transport though.  According to Newsweek a team of doctors and specialists in Maryland are working into developing a special drone to transport those kidneys while sending real time info on the kidney (temperature, flow, etc).  The problem I see with that is the lost of chain of custody.  Nobody has real eyes on the kidney while in the air.  What if it hits a flock of birds??  What if some sophisticated people hack the drone, steal it and then sell the kidney to bad people for organ trafficking??   A lot has to be thought about for this to become reality.