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    • Last updated December 5, 2018
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Using a platform to fundraise.

Posted By Pierre Charland     December 5, 2018    


Everybody has heard about Go Fund Me wether in a good or bad ways in the news recently. The problem with using a platform for crowdfunding is it that you have to account for expenses. I explain. From the get go you lose about 3% or more (depending on country) and that includes the crowdfunding site share. The money raised can also be taxable so you have to be very careful how it is set up. Money sent to such a platform can also be used for anything. There is less accountability than a regular charity bank account. Having a Go fund Me account and raising tons of money is still better than no money at all and if you have a compelling story you might be able to attract people from all over the world to contribute to your cause.


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