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Is there really a death panel in transplant?

Posted By Pierre Charland     December 3, 2018    


I have read in the news recently that some politicians complaints about death panels and denying some patients the opportunity to be transplanted.  Well, I am assuming what it was referred about was the patient selection committee that every patients have to go through to be approved for transplant.  Those committees have a very serious role to play and members participate in the most professional way.  Not all patients can be approved for transplant and neither it is a right for anybody.  Transplant centers have a report card from the governement and if their grades are too low the program might shut down.  Transplant centers have to make sure that all transplant candidates have a reasonable chance at surviving at least one year (most important landmark).  Having money to pay for the drugs is one way to help survival.  In more socialized country like Canada, transplant criteria are actually more strict than the USA.  People still have to buy drug insurance as the government healthcare does not cover it.  So it is not as bad as advertised over here.