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Did you have difficulty finding a reliable caregiver?

Posted By Pierre Charland     December 31, 2019    


For those who are still married and live in a stable and solid relationship having a caregiver to assist you during the transplant process is a given.  There are many people needing an organ transplant who don't have the chance to count on a spouse.  Sometimes they have to rely on girlfriend or boyfriend they recently started dating.  Sometimes they have to ask neighbor, family members, friends and even church members.  If the transplant is needed in a time of crisis, especially for liver and lung transplants, everybody in the patient entourage will volunteer to help.  The big problem occurs when it is actually time to help.  They all disappear just like you turn the lights on in a room full of roaches.  You can't always blame them because they may not have fully understood the commitment they signed up for.  It is not easy to be a caregiver especially for someone you don't really know.  But the caregiver could be the difference between a successful outcome and a bad one.  Their job is to make sure the patient takes their meds on time, goes to their appointment, remain compliant with their lifestyles changes.  The caregiver and the patient form a team.  We should never underestimate what a caregiver is going through because it is not easy.  Do you have good or bad caregivers stories to share??