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Hepatitis C donors may get you transplanted faster!

Posted By Pierre Charland     December 21, 2019    


It is not a secret that we have a shortage of donors for solid organ transplant.  More people gets added to the waitlist every year than receive a life saving organ.  One of the ways to add more donors in the pool is to accept organs with hepatitis C.  Of course your transplant doctors should explain you the risks and benefits of undergoing an organ transplant with the Hep C virus.  The good news is that the virus is now curable!!  Your transplant center will have to have your insurance agree to cover the cost of the treatment for Hepatitis C after the transplant.  You absolutely need the treatment otherwise you could end up with a sick liver especially after receiving large dose of immune suppression following the transplant.  Talk to your transplant centers if it is not option they offer.  Not all transplant centers do it.  You always have the choice to "shop" for a transplant center.  Just like a store, they all offer different services and options.