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Lack of compliance kills

Posted By Pierre Charland     December 14, 2019    


The best way to increase your chance of having a long life with your new organ is to listen to the advices and instructions provided by your transplant team.  Basically, compliance is the number one predictor of long-term survival.  It is really frustrating, as a transplant team member, to see patients doing really well and all of a sudden decide to not show up for appointment or go do blood work anymore.  I guarantee you these patients will go in chronic rejection real fast and nothing can be done about it.  The organ will fail and the patient won't be a candidate for a second transplant (third chance at life!!) due to lack of compliance.  The worst age-group for lack of compliance is the 18-25.  Please, if you know a post-transplant recipient, regardless of the organ, help them stay on track.  Too many patients shorten their second life due to non-compliance.